Mr. Domo
                      Master Tattooist - Musician - Viet-Nam Veteran
                Received the Bob Shaw Award April 15, 2011 In Reno, Nv.
                      West Tennessee's Only Certified Master Tattooist

Like so many Southern Families seeking to escape proverty and make a better life for themselves, in 1958  his Family moved to St. Louis, Mo.  A change that would shape his life forever.  As a young teenager he would taking the city bus down town after school, to watch the Arch being built. But the hustle and bustle of the Big City's Bright Lights, Saloons, Strip Joints, Pool Hall Hustlers & Tattoo-Arcade Shops caught his eyes and cast it's magical spell on this young boy. Hanging out at Trader Bob's Tattoo Shop, lead to a part time job, washing windows, floors and taking out the trash for the whopping sum of $35 bucks a week. The whole time, watching evey move, listening to every word. Before long the information on getting ones hands on Inks & Equipment was spoken a little to loud, the Who, What & Where, was no longer a secret, and so another young man would become smitten by the Tattoo Gods. And 50 years later the Journey isn't over and Mr. Domo is still pushing Ink. Living & Loving Tattoos is the driving force in his life.
Working on himself he soon figured out "What Not To Do". After several years of working on the Soldiers that passed through St. Louis, Domo realized the Soldiers where the ones getting Tattoos. So he came up with a plan to join the Army, to stop waiting for the Tattoos to come to him, instead he went to where tattooing was being accepted the most, The U.S. Army. 
He end up serving his Country, seeing the world, and Tattooing many people the world over. After finishing his Basic Training & A.I.T. at Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo. on December 8th, 1966 he was shipped to Aschaffenburg, Germany to serve with the 9th Combat Engineer Battalion. It didn't take long for word to spread that a New Kid was on the block, one that could do Tattooing. Working out of a small Wooden Machinist Tool Box that was built for quick traveling. Domo set out on his journey. Just about that time another young man by the name of Benjamin M. Kieth III, had just got out of the stockade and he was transferred to Company "B" of the 9th Combat Engineers. He was assigned to that unit and these two young men quickly became good friends. Benny went on to become the Legendary Gypsy Tattooer - Mr. Tramp of Fort Worth, Texas.

After serving in the U.S. Army with "B" Company 9th Combat Engineers in Germany &  with "C" Company of the 19th Combat Engineers in Viet-Nam, Domo was discharged in 1969, and returned to St. Louis and Tattooing. By this time Domo had mastered the art of mixing dry powder pigments to create custom-blended inks in a wide array of colors... inks that far surpass in quality, depth of color, and longevity, of those being offered for sale by most suppliers at that time. Hand soldering each needle, using the finest stainless steel from England. This gave him the reputation as a good solid line tattooist. Working in shops from St. Louis to New Orleans, over the years, picking up tricks of the trade as he went. After many years living on the road he become exhausted and burnt out. Having grown tired of the big cities and the fast life. He came home to Tennessee to recover. He soon regrouped and came up with another plan. The hit movie "Tattoo" staring Bruce Durn had just come out, and the new "Tattoo Magazines" where being sold everywhere, take Tattooing in new directions. So once again he came up with a new plan. To take tattooing to the small towns of America. And so he began traveling to the small towns and cities, criss-crossing the country in his 69 Chevy Van. Working the Honky-Tonk's, Swap Meets and Bike Events as the Legendary Outlaw Tattooer - "Mr. Domo - Master Tattooist"

In 1980 Mr. Domo opened the first Professional Tattoo Studio in West Tennessee.  Located at 212 N. Church St. in Jackson, This Studio set the standard for all the other local Studios that followed a few years later. During the mid 80's Domo took a few road trips to work along-side some of the old Masters that were still active in the trade
Working alone side these great old timers added to his education in tattooing. Old school tattooer's like Big Bud Yates Tattooer, 'Big Bud' Yates in Amarillo, Texas.  He made several trips to visit his old mentor, 'Mr. Lucky' in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and still owns one of Mr. Lucky's old Brass Tattoo Machines, still in working order. He took Tattooing to the small towns of America through out the eighties as a Traveling Tattoo Sideshow. He worked the Motorcycle Swap Meets and Motorcycle Events such as  
Daytona Beach, Little Sturgis, Memphis Swapmeet's, Huntsville's Alabama All-  
Harley Drag Race and other events in the South as a Outlaw Gypsy Tattooist. He has Tattooed thousands and thousands of people ranging from the average Jimmy Joe & Mary Jane, and many members of all the Major 1%'er Motorcycle Clubs,
to several famouse musicians such as Professional Bass Player Mark W. Winchester of the World Famous Brain Setzer Orchestra, legendary Memphis Blues Singer Matt Lucas,  Guitarist Austin Leslie of Jasmine Cain & The Bass Player of The Kimberly Helton Band, plus Josh & Jonathan Singleton of the Grove Band, and various members of the band One Less Reason.
Mr. Domo is also a fine Guitarist and Songwriter in his own right, see him at (YOUTUBE.COM with his song Train out of Texas) having toured for a short time with the legendary Memphis Blues Singer "Matt Lucas", and Jackson's own "Randy Loveless Band". When he's not Tattooing, he can be found pickin' on that  '68 Telecaster or telling stories of the Road.

Mr. Domo relocated for the last time and has settled down in the city of Humboldt, Tennessee in April of 1996.

Working 12 to 16 hours a day, 6 days a week, week after week for many years his Studio/Building became paid for, Free and Clear in March of 2009. Keeping true to his word. He has lowered the prices and pass the savings on to the customers. Mr. Domo had always felt that a person should be able to get a good clean safe tattoo at a reasonable price. He doesn't use high pressure sales tactics, or try to talk you into getting something you do not want.
                             "We strive to be your personal tattooist"
                   We look forward to serving your tattoo & piercing needs
  If you want a World Class, Award Winning Artist come to Mr. Domo's Ancient Art Tattoo Studio In Humboldt, Tennessee. The Prestigious Bob Shaw Award was presented to Mr. Domo on April, 15, 2011 in Reno, Nv. by the National Tattoo Association at their 32nd. Annual Tattoo Convention.........
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